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The story of ELMATEK began back in 1976. The company was founded by some engine engineers due to the fact that the Swedish railroad system needed a railroad switch that would work all kinds of environmental and weather conditions present in our country. A railroad switch must just work no matter if subjected to +40 or -60 degrees, massive vibrations, mechanical shock or submerged in water. The engine made was a success. Since then, the engines has evolved and gone from being only DC motors to become both DC and AC motors. These engines are today mounted in almost all of the 11000 railroad switches that we have in Sweden. The railways have been upgraded and track suppliers have been changed many times over the years, but our engines are still the foundation of the railroad switches. Engines are replaced and repaired, but most of the engines, even those we produced in the 70's are still in use. We do not yet know what average lifetime we can expect for those engines. Our company was founded based on frontend technology and innovation in combination with a focus on maximum quality. Even today, 40 years later will these guiding principles form the basis of our business idea.

We are still building engines for very special application requirements but we have also used our knowledge and experience to develop a modular engine concept. Thanks to this modular concept, we can produce both AC / DC motors and generators in the range of 200W to 30kW according to customer specifications within a few weeks. In addition to the engine technology department we also have a department that develops complete customized engine based electromechanical systems.
Our motors are available in a variety of industries and industrial applications

Here are some examples

-   Military Fighter                      Aircraft´s and Submarines

-   Vehicles                                      Tugs, Freezer trucks, Sand Spreaders

-   Industrial                                   Cable Manufacturing, Tire Manufacturing

-   Energy                                         Nuclear plants, Hydropower plants

-   Buildings                                     Construction Machines that can stand desert heat and sand storms

-   Education                                   Labs for engine class

ELMATEK today is an electromechanical company that develops and manufactures customized engines and electromechanical systems.
Today we have two engineering departments.

Standard Engines

Custom tailored AC/DC motors and generators, with our unique engine module concept. Give us your list of requirements and we put together a motor / generator in accordance with your wishes.

Customized Engines and Electro-Mechanical systems

High tech Engines and electromechanical power system. We like challenges. Nothing is impossible.

ELMATEK AB is a privately owned company with its headquarters, development department and workshop in Södertälje. Our workshop covers everything from high-tech CNC machines and welding lab to manual assembly and a lab for the development of electrical control systems.

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