Brush Supervision System


Engines wear and tear supervision

There are two main alternative ways to magnetise a motor or generator. Electromagnetic magnetisation or using permanent magents. Elektromagnetic magnetisation is the one that provide most power, control options and makes the engine last longer. Electromagnetisation will though need brushes for the commutator and those bruches have a limited lifespan. How long these bruches will last very much depends on how the engine is used. Worn out brushes may cause unexpected downtime and in worst case even a damaged engine. To make it possible to enjoy and take advantage of a high-performance, electromagnetised engine without need to worry abouth the wear and tear of the brushes we have invented and brought to market a brush supervision system.  This brush supervision system comprise special brushes equipped with communication cables and a control unit that process the info and generates a warning message when there is less than 500 hour of operation left. With 500 hours still available you should have plenty of time to plan for a service stop wheras you can chance brushes. 

Brush supervisor KB1

This package include:
- Brushes equipped with signal cables. This brush will replace one of the original brushes
- Control unit that shall be mounted on top of the engine
- An addtional set of brushes
- Documentation
The control unit has got a red LED that will tell when its 500 hours of operation left. A green light that will tell that the unit is in ON. The unit also include a relay which switch at alam. This relay is aimed to be used to control an external alarm system. 
Your brushes might last for many, many years so you have to be able to rely on that your brush supervision system is still working properly. To do so we have also included a self-test functionality. 
KB1 can be used for all electromanetised motors and generators that we manufacture. We have been developing engine´s since 1976 and know that many of those are still in use. If you have got one of those, just tell. KB1 is a rpoduct made 2016 but it made for backward compatibility. 

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