DC Engine Control System


Three different DC Motor control systems

To be able to maximize the benefits of all the nice features a DC enigne can provide you will need a control system. There are a multitude of different control systems. All of them can be power feeded with ordinary 1 phase AC power.

Which control system to chose depends very much on which powerlevel the DC engine will have and what featurs you like. Our DC engine portfolio comprise engines from 200W to 30KW

We will hereby present 3 different well suited and used control systems. If you have other requirement,  just tell. There are more alternatives.  

The three most common used DC control systems

1 Compact, multifunctional, complete control system that can be used stand-alone and/or mounted on a DIN rail

2 Multifunctional, complete non-boxed control system aimed to be integrated with your other system.

3 Straight control systems aimed for our DC engines with high power levels. These control systems are primairly made to be used stand-alone

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