Modular System

Modular  Motors

Standard Motors are based on our unique Modular system. Based on this system we can build any Motor you like within the range of 200W-30kW for DC Motors and 370-15kW for Synchrous AC Motors.
We will ship our DC Motors with our without a control system. If you choose to use our control system that include an AC/DC converter then you will be able to feed your DC Motor with standard 110/230/400 V AC power. In this way you will get all the nice technical advantages that a DC Motor has using a standard AC power system

This modular system includes, besides customizable output power, also a large set of different mounting options, fans, brakes, control and monitoring modules etc. The shaft is by default made according to the IEC standard but can also upon request be modified according to your specific needs. The add-on motor wear-and-tear supervision system makes it possible to monitor temperature, RPM and in case it’s a DC motor, when it´s time to replace the brushes.

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